VueJS Developer

Position: VueJS Developer

Type: Full Time job
Vacancies: 4
Location: Kathmandu
Posted on: Nov 04, 2022

As an efficient VueJS developer, he/she is supposed to perform certain defined roles and follow responsibilities to get the best of results. Here are the major ones that any VueJS developer is supposed to follow:


Leverage the inbuilt VueJS toolkit for creating frontend features
Create data visualization tools, libraries, and reusable code for prospects
Integrate designs and wireframes within the application code
Monitor interaction of users and convert them into insightful information
Write application interface code with JavaScript
Write application interface code with JavaScript
Translate wireframes and designs into good quality code
Optimize components to work seamlessly across different browsers and devices
Good understanding of CSS libraries, GIT, Sigma, Adobe XD etc.
Proper user information authentication
Develop responsive web-based UI
Design and develop innovative web applications that draw the user’s attention
Write reusable, effective, and scalable JavaScript code
Build modular and reusable components and libraries
Implement front-end components with progressive VueJS framework
Translate the client’s technical specifications into code
Test, update and optimize the application for performance and security


Minimum 2 Years experience of working as a VueJS Developer
Strong proficiency in JavaScript, object model, DOM manipulation and event handlers, data structures, algorithms, JSX, and Babel
Complete understanding of VueJs and its main fundamentals like JSX, Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, etc.
Preceding experience with Vuejs workflows like Vuex, Create Vue App, data structure libraries
Understanding of RESTful APIs/GraphQL, HTML/CSS, ES6 (variables and scoping, array methods), code versioning tools like GIT, SVN, etc., popular frontend development tools, CI/CD tools, DevOps, performance testing frameworks like Mocha, Node + NPM
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Computer Science, Information Technology or similar
Thorough understanding of modern javascript (ES6/ES7)
Thorough understanding of front-end technologies like React or VueJs

Company Benefits

Friendly, competitive and creative working environment.
Competitive salary
Lunch, beverages provided in office
Paid leave, sick leave
Refreshment, recreational team building activities besides annual event.

To apply, please email your CV to career -@- mavorion -dot- com mentioning the position. A cover letter, while not mandatory, is a plus.

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