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We have been powering large hospitals with our innovative and integrated solutions to transform them into efficient healthcare service providers. We have been working with our international partners in innovating other sectors with our vast experience and rich history. Our products have been changing lives in Nepal and abroad.

The trusted leader in developing intelligent software

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What we offer

We are experts in building well integrated and secure web-based systems.

Secure Systems

Developing software to provide data privacy and security


We keep up with latest trends and development to stay ahead of competitors.


Experts in integrating with other systems, solutions and hardware


Utilizing experience in systems, network and delivery

Product features


Access from anywhere anytime

You control the authorization and access policies allowing your users secure access to digital resources anytime and from anywhere. This ensures data protection and compliance while making your system and data available to users when they need it.

Secure Accessibility
Remote Accessibility
Data Protection

Data Security, Medical Standards

We help you comply with standards that are designed to protect sensitive information related to Medical services. For Data Security, we employ encryption, access controls, audits, and response plans. Our software solutions provide you both legal compliance and trustworthiness in data management.

Regulatory Compliance
Encryption and Access Controls
Data Retention Policies
Data Stack

Automated Encrypted Data Backup

Data Backups are scheduled and automatic to make them effective and require minimal human intervention. Additionally, backups are encrypted before moving to the secured archive location.

Regular backups helps you in reducing the risk of loss due to hardware failures or cyber threats. Encryption further protects sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Automated Process
Data Security

Featured Products

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Best Healthcare information System powering Hospitals, Polyclinics and Large Laboratories.

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Library Management for large Schools and Colleges with multiple locations and huge borrowers.

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Task management and Time-sheet for service providers with lots of staff to manage.

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