Walrus is a user-friendly time-sheet management system that provides assigning tasks to your workers using a calendar-based interface. Workers get push messages on their mobile phones with the task assignments.

Explore Walrus Features

Time-sheet Management

Walrus provides easy task management, time keeping as report generation.

Walrus is an easy to use suite of tools to manage tasks and employee schedules. It provides your organization with tools to easily schedule tasks, manage clocks-in and out, generate time-sheets and customer reports etc.

Flexible way to schedule tasks centered around customer requirements for your products and services. Intuitive and easy to work with. Generate time logs and reports for your employee, export to excel or feed into time-sheet and payroll systems.

Location Aware

Tasks can be location sensitive recording location of employee during clock-in and clock-out. This can be configured for all employees or can be defined for a particular task. Policies are configurable making location awareness easy.

Multiple OS, Form Factor and Platforms

Supports using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS systems as your workstations providing you flexibility in your planning for the admin interface. For the workers, mobile apps work on both IOS and Android platforms.

The interfaces are designed to work smoothly whether you are using large, medium or small sized screens in your workstations, laptops or tablets.

Being a web-application, your users can quickly login and start working on the system without requiring any desktop installations. TLS provides encrypted end-to-end connectivity. Role-based access-control allows you to provide your users with customizable sets of permissions.

Task creation & assignment

Admin users can quickly create tasks based upon customer, workers and time. An easy to use calendar-based interface provides quick and effective task creation and assignment.

Task Management and Monitoring

The interface is designed to provide both quick overview and in detail the status of tasks at each moment. Various tools are available that lets you quickly generate several types of reports.

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