Working at Mavorion

Our work environment fosters creativity, provides opportunity to learn and bond with your colleagues to provide an environment where you can hone your skills, learn and grow.

Great teams
Tons of experience across various IT domains
Excellent work environment
Huge potential for personal and career growth
Fostering creative approach to problem solving
Building the leaders of tomorrow

We believe in providing an environment where you can enjoy your everyday while being creative and problem solving. With the right mix of great colleagues, you will share your knowledge and learn new things everyday.

Industry-leading Products

Our products have been making lasting impact on the markets that we have been present on. We bring together multiple domain expertise to plan and execute our projects.

Leading Nepal’s healthcare information system market
Modern Live-Scan solution for the US biometric and background-check market
Many products and environments to keep you ever curious

Our products have been making impact in both domestic and international markets and you would surely love to be a part of the great team.

Job Interview

Non Discrimination

We believe in promoting fairness in the workplace and treat everyone in the workplace in fair and unbiased manner. We prohibit any discrimination based on age, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity or other protected characteristics to foster inclusive and just environment for everyone to grow and shine.

Need Help?

Did not find the right position? Do you have some questions or comments? Please do get in touch with our HR team.

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