We have grown rapidly over the years in terms of personnel, expertise, products and market.

Known in Nepal as the leader in Health Care informatics, we have grown to become a global company with strong presence in the US Background Check market with our LiveScan solutions.

Who we are

Mavorion Systems is a technology company helping businesses stay ahead and improve efficiency. It was formed in 2016 by a team of experts with decades of experience in various aspects of IT, including Software Development, Cloud, Data Center, Networking, Security and Systems Integration.

We have been powering large hospitals with our innovative and integrated solutions to transform them into efficient healthcare service providers. We have been working with our international partners in innovating other sectors with our vast experience and rich history. Our products have been changing lives in Nepal and abroad.

We have gradually expanded our domestic market to cover most of the country and in international market, we are serving the European, American and Australian market directly and thorough our partners.

What We do

We build enterprise software for the future. To make our solution future-proof, we tap into our experience, strong team and technology expertise when designing, developing and deploying solutions.

Dolphin, the healthcare information system has gradually become the dominant market leader in Nepal, helping transform the healthcare service delivery. Dolphin is a strong HIS systems coupled with MIS systems to provide a comprehensive solution for any large and mid-size hospitals, clinics, laboratories and research institute.

We develop software for the international market with long term commitments and excellent support teams. We work closely with customers to understand the requirements and provide best solutions that is both timely in delivery and complete in required features. With expertise in multiple domains, we are well positioned to provider excellent solutions.

Software Development
Healthcare Information System
Biometric Identification Systems
Systems Integration
Software Design and Operations
SAAS Design and Operations

Why Choose Us



Mavorion brings in a blend of experience and proficiency in several disciplines like enterprise networking, scalable systems, data-centers, security and modern software development when developing software solutions for medium and large enterprises.

We tap on our expertise from software development, systems, networking, cloud, data-center and security to plan a complete project.


Paperless. Integrated. User Friendly.​​

We do process automation and digitization transforming businesses. As an example our HMIS product Dolphin has been transforming healthcare industry in Nepal with the most modern user-focused system providing operations, control and visibility required to run a healthcare institution smoothly.



As a technology company, we helping business stay ahead and improve efficiency with our extensive expertise in the areas of Cloud, Data Center, Networking, Security and Systems Integration when delivering Software Development solutions.

We utilize multiple technologies available in the development and deployment of Software solutions, combining them to produce a robust solution.

Data Security

Secure Systems​​

Building Secure Systems starts from the beginning. While designing a secure foundation, we need to consider potential threats, accessibility requirements all the while providing scalable architecture and efficient designs.

With Secure Backups, DR solutions and Cloud expertise, we offer you peace of mind.

Get in touch with us

We have the expertise, team and tools for developing complex software projects. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss more about your project requirements.

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