An advanced Healthcare MIS

DolphinAn advanced Healthcare MIS

Dolphin is feature-rich integrated online Management Information System for Healthcare industry providing complete systems for Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Research agencies. Dolphin is designed and developed by Mavorion’s in-house team of experts from life science research, hospital and laboratory management backgrounds. We understand the language of the industry and are happy to offer an excellent solution.

  • Integrated Pharmacy

  • Business-Partner Logins

  • Enhanced performance

  • Online Customer Portal

  • LIS--Machine Integration (Bidirectional)

  • Online, easy web-based Interface

  • Support for Multiple Branches

  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

Advanced Features.

The rich features set offered by Dolphin allows any healthcare establishment get performance data in a glance with charts, trends and analysis with customizable dashboards. We offer some of the best HMIS systems in the industry, providing extensive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system, LIS (Laboratory Information System), Pharmacy and Advanced Integration capabilities.

Domain Expertise.

Strong teams for development, implementation as well as support allows us to offer an unrivaled solution to the healthcare industry. We are also one of the best systems integrator allowing our customers to take advantage of the IT system and network expertise from industry leaders.

With over 15 years of experience developing and running Information Systems in healthcare industry, we understand completely the requirements, problems and challanges faced by the management, users and patients. We pose the skills and experience necessary to deliver complete solution standardizing and covering full work-flow of a hospital in an easy to use and extremely friendly UI delivered online through web-based system to multiple OS and devices.

Continual Improvement.

We continually research process enhancements and develop solutions to provide easier interface, better data reporting, faster work processing and improved user experience. Dolphin consists of several management systems that are closely integrated to provide a complete and seamless experience addressing all the MIS needs of a modern healthcare organization that focuses on providing quality healthcare services for patients.

Machine Integration.

LIS-Machine integration allows for automation of workflow and obtaining test results from auto-analyzers in your labs. Having high performance analyzers is of little use if you cannot connect it to your LIS to manage your workflow. Manual result collection on papers are error prone with increasing workload across labs. When several parameters are tested, it becomes even more error prone for manual result collection.

We integrate your auto-analyzers both ways. Machine gets test orders from the LIS and when the tests are completed, the results are automatically uploaded to the LIS.

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