Time Sheet Management

Walrus is an easy to use suite of tools to manage tasks and employee schedules. It provides your organization with tools to easily schedule tasks, manage clocks-in and out, generate time-sheets and customer reports etc.

Flexible way to schedule tasks centered around customer requirements for your products and services. Intuitive and easy to work with. Generate time logs and reports for your employee, export to excel or feed into time-sheet and payroll systems.

Location Aware

Tasks can be location sensitive recording location of employee during clock-in and clock-out. This can be configured for all employees or can be defined for a particular task. Policies are configurable making location awareness easy.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Your employees can use Android or IOS mobile apps for task notifications, clocking-in and out and many other functions. Back-office tasks are accessible over any modern browser so you can use your existing laptops/desktop to use the software. Support for multiple platforms is rooted in our software development philosophy.