Dolphin Features

Dolphin is feature-rich integrated online Management Information System for Healthcare industry providing complete systems for Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Research agencies.

Dolphin is designed and developed by Mavorion’s in-house team of experts from life science research, hospital and laboratory management backgrounds with input from industry leading domain experts. We understand the language of the industry and are happy to offer an excellent solution.

Key Features

Fully Web-based System, easy to use Interfaces
Deploy On-premise, Data Center or Cloud
Integrated Accounts with auto-posting of transactions
LIS–Machine Integration for both requisition and results
Online Customer Portal with e-commerce
Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS
HIB (Health Insurance Board) Integration
SSF (Social Security Fund) Integration
Bipanna Nagarik Kosh (DoHS)

The rich features set offered by Dolphin allows any healthcare establishment get performance data in a glance with charts, trends and analysis with customizable dashboards.

We offer some of the best HMIS systems in the industry, providing extensive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system, LIS (Laboratory Information System), Pharmacy and Advanced Integration capabilities.

Strong Teams

All of our teams that handle different aspects of the solution have deep understanding of their respective field as well as how the work that we do impacts your organization and processes.

Bringing in years of experience in the field of Software development, solution implementation as well as customer support allows us to offer an unrivaled solution to the healthcare industry.

We have some of the best systems integrators in our team allowing our customers to take advantage of the IT system and network expertise from industry leaders.


With 15+ years of experience developing and running Information Systems in healthcare industry, we understand completely the requirements, problems and challenges faced by the management, users and patients.

Data Center and IT

We pose the skills and experience necessary to deliver complete solution standardizing and covering full work-flow of a hospital in an easy to use and extremely friendly UI delivered online through web-based system to multiple OS and devices.

Secure systems – whether hosted on-premise, at a data center or the cloud
Network design and optimization for application performance
Load Balancing and Availability

Investment in R&D

We continually research process enhancements and develop solutions to provide easier interface, better data reporting, faster work processing and improved user experience.

Tightly Integrated Systems

Dolphin consists of several management systems that are closely integrated to provide a complete and seamless experience addressing all the MIS needs of a modern healthcare organization that focuses on providing quality healthcare services for patients.

Third Party Integration

We integrate with third party solutions like payment providers, SMS gateways, Insurance providers, SSF etc. as well as other software solutions like third party software.

Machine Integration

LIS-Machine integration allows for automation of laboratory workflow like test requisition and results upload from your auto-analyzers. Having high performance analyzers is of little use if you cannot connect it to your LIS to manage your workflow. Remove the highly error-prone method of manual result collection on papers and improve accuracy of your lab.

Experts in LIS Integration

With the best integration team in the country, we have successfully integrated numerous brands of semi and fully automatic analyzers with Dolphin. Our in-house experts in integration fully design and develop the solution without reliance on any third-party providers, providing the best support possible.

Here are some of the common brands we have integrated in multiple hospital and laboratories:

Beckman Coulter
Roche Cobas
Snibe Maglumi
Siemens Advia
Erba Mannheim

We utilize multiple protocols – ASTM, HL7 and FHIR – for unidirectional and bidirectional integration supporting serial and network protocols as well.

Dual Operations

Automatic upload of result upon completion of tests to the LIS from your analyzer. Sometimes also called unidirectional integration.
Automatic requisition of tests to be performed on a provided sample in additional to result upload after the completion of the tests.
When enabled for both, it is often referred to as bidirectional integration.

Dolphin provides a complete sets of modules for running a modern healthcare facility.

Clinical and Healthcare

OPD Clinical System
IPD Clinical System
Laboratory Information System
Radiology Information System
Patient Communications Management
Mobile Apps for Doctors and Providers


Appointment Systems
OPD Management
IPD Management
IVF Management
Dialysis Management
ER Management
OT Management

Functional Management

Pharmacy Mangement
Finance Mangement
Inventory and Store Mangement
PIS and Payroll
Call Center Module
Call Center Integration with 3rd-Party software

Analytical Systems

Analytical Reports
Sharing and Contribution Analysis

Patient Engagement

Online Patient Portal
Patient Engagement App
Online Purchase with Payment Gateway Integration

Insurance and Compliance

Government Compliance
API Integration with DoHS
API Integration with HIB (Health Insurance Board)
API Integration with SSF (Socail Security Fund) Insurance

Automated Backup

Data backup and recovery procedures are paramount to running any healthcare system. When implementing Dolphin, we make sure you have reliable data backup mechanism. We deliver the following objectives:

Both on-site and off-site Backup
Automated Backup Scheduling
Configurable Backup frequency to comply with RPO
Data Recovery with minimum RTO
Disaster Recovery Site (DR)

Key Features

Encrypted Data Backup
Backup over network and connected storage
Supporting multiple storage back-ends like USB-attached disk, NAS and Block Storage
Backup monitoring and notification

Data Security

Our approach to data security involves adherence to industry standards and best practices across the industry. With focus on secure data transmission, effective and practical access control we provide our customers with tools to allow users to access information where required.

TLS/SSL for secure data transmission between client and server
Full encryption of database backup using bank-grade encryption
Multi-level access control
Audit and logging of user activity
Secured access to OS and Database
Strict adherence to data security best-practices

Dolphin follows industry and government standards and provides all necessary tools and procedures allowing our customers to comply with those standards.

We have helped healthcare institutions comply with several standards like the ones listed below.

ISO 15189 requirements
GLP requirements
ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management requirements
Title 21 CFR Part 11 – USFDA code establishes regulations on electronic records and electronic signatures
HL7 International Standards
Ministry of Health requirements
DDA requirements

We have experienced team working towards various standards across industries.

Automated Report Dispatcher

Dolphin supports various channels for Report dispatch.

QR Code
Vending Machine

Report Vending Machine

We have been providing Report vending machines that patient-parties can use to easily download the reports themselves by scanning QR codes present on the invoices. This is specially useful for hospitals and laboratories with high volume of patients and to extend service to off-hours when staff are not available to dispatch reports.

No staff needed
QR-code and barcode reader
24-hour operation

Payment Gateways Integration

We provide integration with various payment provides like wallets, dynamic QR codes, Credit-Card gateways etc.

Khalti wallet
Himalayan Bank card gateway
Nabil Bank card gateway
eSewa wallet
IME Pay wallet
Nepal Pay wallet
Nepal Pay Dynamic QR
Fonepay Dynamic QR

Dynamic QR Code

QR-Code payments are quickly becoming an important payment options to patients and Dolphin provides features to handle them efficiently as well as provide reporting as required by your finance team.

  • NepalPay Dynamic QR
  • FonePay Dynamic QR
  • Dual-monitor Support (separate contents for paying party)
  • Quick and efficient

Health Insurance Program (स्वास्थ्य बीमा कार्यक्रम)

Dolphin Integrates well with governments health insurance program utilizing the latest APIs to provide advanced functionalities for insurance claim handling and settlement.

Government Health Insurance Board (HIB) claim processing is highly user-friendly and made super easy when using Dolphin along with our companion app for Android and IOS that works well with Dolphin and HIB APIs.

Dolphin Insurance App supports both IOS and Android devices providing easy way to access, manage and submit insurance claims improving accuracy and making the whole process much simpler and easier.

Dolphin Billing integrates well with HIB systems to providing users with increased visibility and easier access to insurance right from Dolphin system.


Dolphin is extensible. Mavorion helps you extend the functionalities by integrating with third-party systems and devices.

  • Call Center System
  • HR Systems
  • ERP Tools
  • Queue Management Systems
  • Time-sheet Management

Third-party Integration

If you are using other third party tools or software, we may be able to provide you with an integration to extend the functionality.

Dolphin Documentation

Dolphin provides access to comprehensive online documentation for the customers. Users can learn about dolphin function on their own or avail guided training and support provided by our excellent support team.

Training Videos

Dolphin Training videos provide self-paced learning for our customers providing insights into how to easily learn and use Dolphin features.

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