Electronic Medical Record

EMR Explained

If you are working in healthcare industry, chances are you are hearing a lot about EMR. Are you wondering what an EMR, or why it is so important? Do you have queries like how it can add value to your clinic or hospital? Or, how you can take advantage of an EMR?

Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record, or EMR for short, is any record of your patients generated by your Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare providers, but in digital or computerized form. An EMR System is used to manage all the EMR for your healthcare facility.

For each patient encounter (or clinic visit), there are numerous records generated like charts, summary of medical history, previous treatments, diagnosis, medication, procedures, vital signs or other medical records. All these records needs to be generated, stored and retrieved when needed using an EMR system like Dolphin EMR that is integrated well with the Hospital Management System.

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EMR makes your clinic or hospital efficient. By keeping all the records of your patients visits and associated medical data, it is easier for the Physicians, Nurses and other providers to manage patient care more effectively.

EMR systems are critical how your facility generates, stores and shares medical records, provide treatments, manage administrative functions and finances or interact with patients.

EMR helps improve the quality of service, improve speed, analyze previous records more efficiently and provide a better picture of patient’s health to the doctors helping them make better decisions. This allows you to stay ahead.

Healthcare facilities that are using EMR are becoming more effective in healthcare and saving costs, reducing errors and improving patient care to result in better overall performance. While initially any changes take time and need training, practice and changes to some process, the resulting change brought on by implementing EMR is definitely worth the time, effort and costs.

Privacy and Data Security

Any data generated using an EMR system is generally more secure than any manual process. Access to patient records can be restricted by the system following the organizations policies defining access to the data to ensure data privacy.

Secure Record

Since, all data generated is stored centrally it is much easier to maintain the security of that data. An automated backup system, like the ones used by Dolphin EMR, ensures regular data backup with encryption and offsite storage providing data safety and disaster recovery. Dolphin provides audit trails for each access to the data allowing audit to ensure compliance to organizational policies.

Enforce policies to maintain data privacy
Setup automatic backups
Off-site encrypted copies of backups
DR (Disaster Recovery)
Audit Trail of data access

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