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Electronic Medical Record: Key Benefits

Technological advancement has been transforming the delivery of healthcare services in a hospital or other healthcare providers. Conventional healthcare involves lots of paper records that form as medical records for each patient encounter or visit to the hospital or other healthcare facilities. Such records include, for each patient encounter (or visit) with the hospital. Patients paper records include essential information in the forms of charts, summary of medical history, previous treatments, diagnosis, medication, procedures, vital signs or other records.

Electronic Medical Record, or EMR for short, enables such records to be created and stored digitally, shared electronically with authorized healthcare providers all the while maintaining privacy of the patient and security of such data. EMR benefits both Patient, Doctors and Hospitals.

Benefits of EMR

EMR provides highly accessible patient records to doctors and other healthcare providers when they need, thereby allowing them to provide effective healthcare, which is highly valuable to a patient.

By allowing paperless operations, streamlined processes and easy access to patient information as needed, the providers can improve efficiency and effectiveness of treatment.

With the elimination (or drastic reduction) of paper processes, it is much easier to implement organizational processes and policies, thereby reducing errors and optimized workflows.

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Streamline processes, optimized workflows
Reduction of Operational Costs
Less Paper leads to Less Errors
Data Analysis
Identify issues with treatment
Improve overall Patient care
Quick Diagnosis and Treatment
Easier to track data
More data analytics that lead to preventive care
Improved Data Privacy

Overcoming Challenges

For those new to EMR, there are few things to learn and prepare. For a successful implementation, planning is very important.

There are few aspects that needs to be covered in your planning,

Reliable access to EMR system
Strong power backup
Maintain Security for Data
Implement policies to improve data privacy
Compliance to standard workflows and industry best practices

Dolphin EMR

This is where an experienced company like Mavorion Systems can become an excellent partner in design, implementation, training and support of the EMR system. The key to successful and stress-free EMR implementation is to plan well and train the staff on efficient use of the systems. Having successfully implemented Dolphin EMR at many hospitals, the Mavorion team is one of the best in the industry for your healthcare faciltiy.

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EMR systems have been playing an important role in helping the healthcare industry improve patient care, quality of service, effective treatment and reduced errors and waiting time. It also improves the interaction between physicians, caregivers, nurses or other providers. Anything that can help save a doctor’s time can help the doctor focus on better practice management. The government of Nepal has recognized that it is essential to implement EMR in helping reducing error, streamlining process and improving healthcare delivery.

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